What's a Mini-Movie?

Finally a way to bring to life all the wonderful things that make you unique, while distinguishing yourself from the competition and creating a competitive advantage.

In less than 60 seconds!

Mini-Movies combines the latest in High-Definition Virtual Production, with a personalized online media platform; making it easy and efficient for admissions, recruiters, employers and prospects to get a real sense of who you are and what you have to offer.


It's in our DNA to learn & react to purposeful stories, and we believe you have something special to share.

In our society, an innovative mind cannot always be discovered through a resume, grades or even a written essay. Video gives you the most powerful tool to express your creativity and uniqueness.

Together with the power of the internet and the billions of people who are instantly accessible; there's no better time to be one of the first to take advantage of having your purposeful story produced into an entertaining mini-movie.

As modern society becomes more digital, we are spending dramatically more time engaged with online technology than with traditional media.

Fortune 500 companies embrace video for its proven ability to attract and influence audiences. So can you!

The issue is no longer: Where & When can people see your content?

The fact is that your videos can now be seen: Everywhere & Anytime!


Does your cover letter and resume make people say WOW and make your phone ring off the hook, with requests for interviews!?

Just imagine the reaction of a HR professional, after scanning thousands of generic paper resumes, when they receive your mini-movie profile!

Research has indicated that 89% of companies say they would view a video resume if submitted as part of a job application, yet only 17% have ever received one.

The majority of 'video resumes' they have seen, are amateur with little or no guidance, creativity or production value. Basically just a person reading off their resume to their home-video camera with poor lighting and sound.

This can actually hurt your chances of getting hired, which is one of the reasons there hasn't been an industry leader to change the game. Until Now!


Rather then watching your mini-movie on a traditional video sharing site, we developed our own platform that gives you the freedom to further build your brand identity and generate results.

Your custom mini-movie 'feature presentation,' is the ultimate personal showcase and interactive media profile.

Included with your mini-movie 'feature presentation' upgrade:

  • Interactive video selection by question or topic
  • Contact management, resume download & interview scheduling
  • Visual gallery; photos, reels, products, writing, awards etc.
  • Integrated LinkedIn profile, personal/company blog or portfolio site
  • Custom URL (mini-movie.me/your.name)
  • 90 days of free secured hosting

In addition to all these unique and interactive features, your mini-movies and supporting content are securely hosted on a powerful content delivery network. This provides smooth and crystal clear video playback on multiple platforms; for the optimal user experience.

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- Jim Rohn


If you are ready to walk away from the norm and break down any barriers to entry, by doing something innovative and creative with your education, experiences and talents, then look no further.

Our unique production process, will help uncover your true passions and value proposition in 3 simple steps. Imagine having a 'virtual you' that will always be there to showcase your best to potential employers, recruiters and clients.

Mini-Movie Studios is initially focusing on serving these specific groups:


We feel this platform is best suited for individuals majoring or seeking a career in a field where personal communications is fundamental.

  • Exceptional High-School Juniors & Seniors applying to top ranking Universities (3.5 GPA or higher)
  • College Juniors, Seniors & Recent Undergraduates (up to 6 months)
  • Graduate Level; Masters, Doctorate, Specialty, Vocational or Technical Institutes, etc.


Want a sleek, clean, professional message that comes off as personable and enhances your reputation?

Perfect for: Job-seekers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing / Sales Positions, Corporate Executives, Personal Branding & Industry Exposure

Human Resource Managers. Hiring Managers. Corporate Recruiters. Staffing Agencies etc..  They have to review thousands of resumes a year. We're tying to make their job EASIER, ENTERTAINING, and EFFECTIVE.

why mini-movie?

The explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace & Twitter, have all helped us connect with our friends and family. However, most of them have little or no positive impact on your career. In fact, the job market for recent grads has never looked worse.

Don't take our word for it, here are some stats & quotes we found:

The unemployment rate for the under-25 group is as high as 54%

The US Bureau of Labor reports 12.8 million young people (under age 30) are either unemployed, working part-time or working at a job that doesn't require a college degree - After spending tens of thousands of dollars to obtain one!

"In a job market that remains weak from the recession, employers report that they've seen an increase in job applicants submitting video resumes -- not surprising, considering an increasing number of colleges are accepting personal videos with applications." - The Ladders

"A quality video is in fact, the best and most concise way to encapsulate what you have to offer an employer; particularity in the fields of advertising, public relations, visual arts and performing arts" - Sandra E. Lamb, Lifestyle, career & etiquette expert.

Sign-up. "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then
a mini-movie will leave them speechless."
- Bernard Dino Bonomo, Founder/CEO